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All Training is interactive, learning is personally applied and outcomes are designed to be used immediately.

Strengths Training – using Gallup Clifton StrengthsFinder


Training with Epiphany Life CoachingStrengths workshops usually take place for one department or team at a time.

The workshop involves a mixture of exercises, personal reflection, group participation and working in pairs.

Sessions are interactive, learning is personally applied and outcomes are designed to be used immediately.

Training can take place over either a full day or two half days. Feedback has shown a preference for the latter so learning can be applied then built upon.




Morning or day 1 – personal insight and application of strengths


Session 1

  • What is strengths-based working?

Session 2

    • ‘Name it, claim it’ – Ownership and Application of each person’s individual strengths.
    • Strengths insights – learning about what can energise or drain you at work based on who you are.
    • How you may come across to others, both positively and negatively based on who you are.


Afternoon or day 2 – promoting collaboration and reducing conflict


Session 3

  • Aim it – Using strengths within your workplace and team.
  • What support systems are needed based on strengths – motivations and recognition needs.
  • How to achieve work objectives by partnering.
  • How to better understand and work with colleagues.

Session 4

  • The DNA of the team.
  • Team strengths mapping and gap filling.
  • Seeing which areas the department is good at based on strengths; considering what gaps there are and how these can be filled.
  • Pointing the whole team’s strengths at a departmental/team goal.


“Many thanks for all the hard work and dedication you put into making the training event professional, fast-paced and comprehensive.” Paul Thaxter, Transcultural Director, UK.


Work-life balance TrainingWork-life balance training


Work-life balance workshops are run for organisations as well as groups of individuals. There are no training sessions currently planned for private clients, however, if you are interested then please get in touch, alternatively have a look at work-life balance retreat.


Session 1

  • Defining work-life balance, why is it important?


Session 2

  • Examining your own work-life balance.


Session 3

  • Tools needed to develop a good work-life balance.


Session 4

  • Committing to your work-life balance goals and achieving them.


“Thanks for the time you spent with us. A number of people have said how good the course is, from yesterday and previous days you have held…You really helped me identify what was causing me stress and how to resolve it. Still a little way to go but it has made me feel dramatically more positive.” Sarah Kerrigan, Oxfordshire, UK.

To find out more and to arrange training for your organisation please contact Jenny Butter at Epiphany