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Career Coaching

Career, redundancy and outplacement coaching


Work takes up a large chunk of life. Whether you are a teen choosing your career or are an old hand, invest in coaching to make the right choice.


Career Coaching, Epiphany Life Coaching“With Jenny’s help, I have managed what seemed impossible. Not only have I found a new job but also a complete career change! Jenny helped me establish exactly why I was unhappy in my previous job, what kind of work would suit me best and gave me all the confidence I needed to do my best at an interview when I felt very low emotionally. She was utmost professional, understanding, flexible, efficient and prepared at all times. I highly recommend Jenny’s coaching to anybody who wants to achieve  success.” Oksana D, Cambridgeshire.


Recruiters require an answer to arguably just three questions. Can you do the job? Will you do the job? Are you the right fit? The core of every question posed during hiring is a variation on strengths, motivation and fit. Without cultural synergy between you and the company, one of three things will occur; you will be obliged to change, you will resign, or you will be managed out of the business.


Whilst many clients like a combination of both life and career coaching, others like to focus purely on their career or personal development within the workplace. Career and work coaching gives you the opportunity to know and understand your strengths, motivation and fit; decide what the next step is for you, and be able to communicate who you are and what you bring to employers.


Outcomes from career coaching and will be recorded and a list of non-negotiables for the right job will be developed. From this, you are able to pursue ‘fit’ openings. Following on from this, we cover topics such as personal brand, job search strategies, CV development, cover letters, LinkedIn profile, networking and interview technique. Work-life balance needs can also be covered.



Used worldwide by companies including Facebook, Gallup’s Clifton Strengthsfinder is a tool which empowers you in strengths development. Gallup has found that people who know their talents and use them at work are six times as likely to be engaged in their jobs and report having a three times better quality of life. The unique strengths report will form the basis of these coaching sessions.


Job Motivation

Building on strengths knowledge, clients look at which activities and responsibilities they find personally satisfying. We look at the motivation behind what you do well and in juxtaposition, we uncover what drains you and why.


Organisational Fit

A 2013 international survey by Cubiks found that more than four out of five employers (82%) consider cultural fit to be important and 59% had turned down a candidate based on a lack of fit. Career coaching will uncover what is important to you and in which environments you will thrive so you can identify what is and what is not a cultural fit.


Personal Brand

Your personal brand is vital in today’s job market. It is mentioned in CV summaries, LinkedIn profiles and enables you to be able to confidently introduce yourself in person. It is how let potential employers know who you are, what you do and why you do it.


CV and cover letter development

A CV and cover letters communicate to recruiters and hiring managers your skills, competencies, achievements, and why you are a company fit. Out of hundreds they receive, we will, together, ensure yours stands out.


Job Search Strategies

We cover how and where to look for jobs and how to work with recruiters.



LinkedIn is a vital tool in today’s job search. We review your profile and work on optimization to make sure you are being found by headhunters and recruiters.



Build your network and find out about hidden job opportunities.


Interview Techniques

A regular part of career coaching involves interview techniques. Productive feedback is given on improving answers, physical appearance and body language. Following an interview technique coaching session and actual job interview, clients have reported increased control and confidence, not least when it came to answering challenging questions.


Work-life balance

If making sure your work-life balance is right, you can opt to have a combination of both career and life coaching 


Discover your calling or purpose

You can opt to to undertake additional coaching to enable to uncover your purpose or calling.


When I first contacted Epiphany Life Coaching I was uncertain what to expect, but I knew I wanted to find purpose in my next role. I wanted a calling. Jenny was great at walking with me through this process while also helping me with practical details like my CV/Linkedin profile. I didn’t expect too much going into this process, I just hoped for a new job. Jenny had a far more important role to play in my search, she helped me discover what my calling is. Jenny was such a great support and it was really helpful having someone to be accountable to in my search as left alone I know I would’ve put off looking. Thank you Jenny. Micky Drever, Birmingham


career coaching, epiphany life coaching“Your interview was perfect. I couldn’t fault anything” Job interview feedback given to a career coaching client, Henfield, UK.


“Jenny is a great career coach. She helped me in so many ways and before the end of our sessions, I found a job. Thank you, Jenny”. Iva Radojkovic. London, UK.


“I greatly appreciated the time and effort that Jenny gave me. She showed great professionalism, warmth and a good sense of humour directed at helping me to better understand my own gifting and strengths for the purpose of helping me to find the best career fit. It felt great having someone listen to my hopes, dreams and fears and give wise counsel from a perspective I had never considered. She helped me dream bigger than I ever imagined and gave me more confidence to step out and try.” David Craig, Uganda.


‘Thank you so much for helping me construct an eye-catching CV, highlighting examples from my career which give a great insight into my character and skills. It has been praised by a number of teaching agencies I have worked with.’ Anthony Buckle, Abingdon, UK.


Jenny’s career coaching clients have come from diverse backgrounds and professions – senior leaders to volunteers; journalists to vicars; students to recently redundant; career changers to those seeking a sideways move. For more career coaching testimonials, please scroll to the bottom of the homepage.


To find out more about the different methods Jenny Butter at Epiphany Life Coaching offers, as well as the frequency and duration, look at coaching session information.


To have a chat about how career coaching can help you, contact Epiphany.