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Work-Life Balance

Developing a healthy work-life balance. Epiphany Life CoachingWork-life balance is a well-known phrase but can it be a reality for you?


Having struggled for years trying to balance my work-life situation, I knew it was time to take some real action. Jenny has worked with me progressively to help me understand myself through identifying my values and strengths, focusing towards a work-life balance that I wanted and needed. Now I am on the path to successfully achieving what I could only dream of – without Jenny’s amazing life coaching skills and experience I would never have achieved this!” Karla Penter, Lancing.


Modern day living often is not as clear-cut as work vs life. Each person’s needs, environments, life phase and situations are different, so there is not a one-size-fits-all approach. The key is understanding your own personal circumstances and identifying what’s working, what’s not working and what needs to change. Sometimes it is a matter of developing integrated solutions with a focus on what energises you rather than drains you.


Research from the British psychological society confirms that “Improving work-life balance has a positive effect on mental and physical health and overall satisfaction with life…It is important that work-life balance is addressed proactively rather than waiting until problems become ingrained.” Or as the Roman poet, Ovid said: “Prevent the illness. Medicine comes too late.”


Each coaching session is tailored to you. For someone who is motivated, a lot of weekly goals can be set. If someone is struggling, a first step could be to simply find out what activities needs to stop.


Penhurst Retreat CentreOr if you need to get away from it all to see the wood for the trees, then book a work-life balance retreat at Penhurst Retreat Centre.



For local organisations, work-life balance workshops can be run for staff. By investing, in life coaching or work-life balance workshops, as a preventative tool, it demonstrates forward thinking on the part of leaders, as well as showing how much an organisation values their staff.  To see a sample structure, look at training


Jenny Butter at Epiphany Life Coaching likes to practice what she preaches and works hard at maintaining her own work-life balance. Contact Epiphany for a chat with Jenny about how coaching can help you get the life you want and need.