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Business Coaching

Previous Business and Outplacement Coaching clients of Jenny Butter at Epiphany Life Coaching have come from a variety of sectors including charity.


Business Coaching, Epiphany Life CoachingYour employees are your organisation’s most important asset. Successful companies are those with staff members who feel properly supported to do a job they relish. Through investing in business coaching, strengths-based training, work-life balance workshops or outplacement coaching, organisations can enhance team working, improve staff retention, demonstrate they value staff and decrease stress and sick leave.


A global study by International Coach Federation in 2009 found companies that invested in business coaching for their staff saw an average ROI (return on investment) of 7 times the initial cost.


Outplacement and Career Coaching

Outplacement coaching works with the employee to turn the end of a contract or redundancy into a positive step for the future in terms of job and wellbeing. We cover topics such as right career, job and company fit, personal branding, career exploration, job search strategies, CV development, LinkedIn profiles, networking and interview technique. Work-life balance needs can also be covered.


It usually involves the Clifton StrengthsFinder, a great self-development and confidence building tool used by many Fortune 500 companies and a must for any job seeker. For more information look at career coaching page.


Strengths Coaching and Performance Coaching


Business Coaching, Epiphany Life CoachingAre you engaged, happy and achieving your best potential?


Research from Gallup has shown that people who know their strengths and focus on using them at work are six times as likely to be engaged in their jobs and are three times as likely to report having an excellent quality of life.


Strengths coaching enables employees to perform better, achieve more, enhance relationships and feel happier in the workplace.


Life Coaching

Feel stressed, disillusioned and tired with low confidence?


Life coaching enables staff to proactively manage daily challenges as well as develop, grow and achieve. It is used to deal with specific as well as general work or personal issues such as retirement planning, back to work after long-term leave or developing a better work-life balance.


“I can confidently say that my time spent with Jenny has been totally enlightening and rewarding, her extensive knowledge and coaching style have enabled me to take a serious look at how best to progress my career and use my natural skill sets to be even more productive and the best I can. If you are keen to understand more about how you too can bring out the best of yourself I couldn’t recommend Jenny more highly to work with you on this” Katherine McEneaney, Hampshire.


Look at the coaching page for more information. To find out more and discuss your oganisational needs contact Jenny Butter at Epiphany.