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Anglican News Service

Often feel busy? Frustrated? Tired? Would you rather feel energised, fulfilled and thrive?


Millions of people across the UK are not in the right role at work, church or when helping out in their local community. They are square pegs in round holes.


Energised is an 8 session course which helps you uncover and understand your gifts and strengths. From the knowledge, freedom and permission gained from this; you can determine which types of situations and roles are a good fit. At the end of the course, you will understand who you are (being) as well as what you should be ‘doing’.


Aligned with the UK church, Energised is to be used in conjunction with a spiritual gifts survey and Living Your Strengths by Al Winseman.

Energised Course, Epiphany Life Coaching

To date, over 60 people have signed up to do the course at The Point Church and it has a waiting list after producing this inspiring video about Energised...

“I have a vision and a purpose and am excited about my next steps” Course Participant, The Point Church, Sussex, UK.


“Firstly thanks so much for providing such an amazing course. Realising what my strengths are, has really increased my confidence in knowing that I can operate within them and my input is valid and equally important to that of other people.  It has also enabled me to make allowances for others as I see what their innate strengths are so allowing me to overlook their weaknesses which are often part of their character rather than deliberate! Course Participant, The Point Church, Sussex, UK.


“I found it really interesting…Accepting who I am as that’s who I should be!” Gina Morris, The Point Church, Sussex, UK.


“From confusion to clarity. Learn how to combine your gifts and strengths with those of others”. Course Participant, The Point Church, Sussex, UK.


“Through work, I have looked at strengths and working style so it was good to look again through a Church and Christian perspective. It was great to be in a group and consider other people’s strengths and gifts. I have fairly recently retired so the strengths course will help me as I consider the next phase of my life – if you haven’t done anything like this before give it a try – you will learn things about yourself which will surprise you.” Wayne Jones, The Point Church, Sussex, UK.


“If you want to know who you are and how to use the gifts God has given you, this is the course for you.” Course Participant, The Point Church, Sussex, UK.


“I am really excited about this course and results that will occur in local communities as church members understand their God-given talents and gifts, and from this serve Him in ways that suit them” Rev. John Naudé, Associate Vicar, The Point Church, Sussex, UK.

Contact Epiphany for more information or to book the Energised course at your church.


Jenny Butter wrote Energised after having a deep desire to see people fulfil their purpose. This article, written by Jenny, is given by Gallup in America to churches who are interested in using the Clifton StrengthsFinder within their congregations Anglican World magazine article on Strengths july 2014