How do you make decisions? For some people, one sense is more important than the other. For me, if it is a good fit, the right decision, then all will be in alignment – my head, my heart and my gut. You may feel scared about your decision but this isn’t the same as making the wrong choice. When it is right, there is an inner excitement or sense of peace. Your soul communicates that what you are about to ‘do’ or ‘be’ is the right fit.

So how to actually decide? Ask yourself at least one question in each section – Head, Heart and Gut.

Head – What does your head say?

  • Does it add up?
  • What are the facts?
  • Is it logical?
  • Does it make sense?

Heart – What does your heart say?

  • Does it feel right or is something off?
  • How might my close friends or loved ones say about my decision?
  • Does it sound right when I tell others?
  • How will I feel after the heat of the moment or the initial excitement has faded?
  • How will I feel when initial fears or lack of confidence have been overcome?

Gut – flight or fight instinct. What does your gut say?

Do you have a sense of unease?

It may look good on paper, your heart may be in it but something isn’t right in your ‘gut’. Can this sense of unease be overcome if you do more research? If so, collect more data then repeat the head, heart, gut exercise again.

Is your gut is saying NO?

Is this from fear, low confidence or the fact that is really isn’t right for you? Follow this instinct and uncover why your gut is saying no.

Is your gut saying YES?

You’ve got this. This is right for you. You can and need to do it. You will fly. Follow this instinct if the other two sections above – head and heart are also in alignment.

I have always found this test a very quick insightful way of finding out what I really want.

  1. Ask a friend to write one decision on two pieces of paper and then hold one in each hand. You are not to know which hand has which decision.
  2. Now choose a hand.
  3. Open the piece of paper with the decision on that you have opted for.
  4. Ask yourself:
    • What is your initial thought or feeling?
    • What does that tell you?
    • So is this choice the right one for you?
    • So what is your overall decision?

Remember, deciding isn’t the same as doing!

Don’t look back and regret. Actively make the right decision and then TAKE ACTION.