Youth Coaching - Epiphany Life Coaching
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Youth Coaching

Life Coaching for Youth


During the teen and young adult years, it is normal to feel overwhelmed and under a lot of pressure, there are a lot of changes happening and many big decisions that need to be faced.


Youth coaching enables each person to discover what’s most important to them, who they are, what they really want to do and where they want to go. The sessions provide an opportunity for young people to thrive holistically, grow as rounded human beings and from this self-awareness, take responsibility and make wise decisions.


Type of topics covered:


  • youth coaching - epiphany life coachingFinding a career path that excites you and is a good fit
  • Uncovering your strengths and key skills
  • Managing study vs life balance
  • Setting and breaking down goals into manageable sections
  • Recognising potential and how to work towards it
  • Identifying core values – what is most important to you
  • Understanding how natural talents can be applied at school, home and in the future workplace
  • Seeing the world from a fresh perspective
  • Choosing and applying for jobs or work-experience
  • Importance of finding experiences that can go on your CV


Each young person Jenny Butter coaches is treated as an individual. They are listened to confidentially, are heard, and are never told what to do. Every client decides on what they want to focus on during each session. It can be anything from exam preparation to hobbies to relationship worries to career to daily stresses. The aim is to build self-awareness which leads to positive agreed actions and goals being achieved. While some youth clients will feel the need for a coach to walk alongside them for a few months, others may only need a couple of sessions to deal with a particular issue.


Youth Coaching - Epiphany life CoachingJenny talks to all clients first to see if it is a good fit. It is important that you choose a coach who you feel you can trust and build a good rapport with.


“Coaching has enabled me to become more disciplined so I can achieve what I want in life. Jenny coaches me in an amazing way. When we discuss something I want to achieve, she asks ME how I think I could move forward and that is good because no-one knows me better than myself. I know that what I will do will actually help me, really recommend her!” Katherine Le Page.


Jenny Butter at Epiphany Life Coaching is an Accredited Senior Coach and DBS checked. Please ask to see the certificate. Sessions take place online or face to face. To find out more, go to Coaching Session Information. To have a free no obligation chat or to book sessions, contact Jenny Butter.