Professional Partnerships - Epiphany Life Coaching
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Professional Partnerships



Partnering locally and globally. Epiphany Life Coaching professional partnershipsWorking hard to enhance the lives of people both near and far, Jenny Butter at Epiphany Life Coaching has formed several professional partnerships.



Overall well-being is vital for body, mind, soul and spirit, so Henfield Leisure Centre and Epiphany Life Coaching have teamed up to empower local residents to become happier, fitter and energised to keep Henfield Healthy. In addition, Jenny runs her Energised course with The Point Church in mid-Sussex, UK.



Jenny runs retreats at Penhurst Retreat Centre, a beautiful manor house in East Sussex, UK.



Jenny Butter is an Options Coach for Global Connections a network of over 300 organisations working worldwide. The network aims to address key challenges in global mission. Building on this, Jenny has recently become a member care coach for Syzygy