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Jenny Butter at Epiphany Life Coaching runs retreats at Penhurst Retreat Centre in East Sussex

Life Balance – 6th-8th April 2018


Penhurst Retreat Centre partnering with Epiphany Life CoachingWork-life balance off kilter?


Need to figure out how to use your time in retirement?


Feeling drained whilst caring for small children?


Each person’s needs, environments, life phase and situations are different, so there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to creating and maintaining life balance. The key is to understand your own personal circumstances by reflecting and listening and answering these questions  – what’s working, what’s not working, what needs to change and what’s missing?


Retreat Outline:
• What does the Bible say?
• Examining your own life
• Tools you can use
• Creating your own plan
• One-to-one coaching, spiritual coaching or prayer sessions are available if required


“This weekend has helped me to re-focus my time and energy in a meaningful way and I am sure it will help me going forward in making the most of my available time in a good way for work/life/ministry. A must do.”  Leo


“I can’t recommend this more highly. If you are too busy to attend a retreat, you’re not, you need this! Invest some time in your work-life balance and you will be a changed person with improved well-being .” Cheryl Norman


Book directly through Penhurst Retreat Centre.



Living Your Strengths – dates to be announced


Jenny Butter, retreat leader at Penhurst Retreat Centre, East SussexAlways feeling busy? Frustrated? Exhausted? At home, work or church? Would you rather feel satisfied and energised, with more purpose and direction? Living your Strengths will help you discover which skills and talents you have and how to make use of these strengths to become happier, more engaged and more productive in many areas of your life.


“I needed a refreshment in my life and a new perspective, as well as a boost in confidence. I will be singing its praises at home and at work!”  Johanna Thompson.


If you would like more information about any of the retreats or would like Jenny to run a retreat for your centre, then please contact Jenny Butter.