Keeping Henfield Healthy - Epiphany Life Coaching
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Keeping Henfield Healthy

Keeping Henfield Healthy – Epiphany Life Coaching and Henfield Leisure Centre in partnership


Henfield Leisure Centre and Epiphany Life Coaching in partnership

Do you often feel busy? Tired? Stressed? Would you rather feel energised, fitter and happier with more direction?


Henfield Leisure Centre and Epiphany Life Coaching have teamed up to empower local residents to make a lasting change and improve health, stress levels and work-life balance. Life coaching looks at the whole of a person’s life and physical well-being being a big part of this. Working together, developing a tailormade programme for each client that combines personal training with life coaching, is proving to be a powerful solution. Local residents are achieving health, wellbeing and fitness goals they never thought possible.


Jenny Butter said, ”At the Keeping Henfield Healthy meeting, Dr Karen Crawford Clarke said the medical centre is keen to see a shift in the way local residents look after themselves by ageing well and staying well. I left feeling really inspired, wanting to partner with others to make Henfield a centre of excellence. As a Senior Accredited Coach, I work with people of all ages – teens to retired – who want to improve health, need a better work-life balance or want to find a new job in which they are happier. I have been coaching people from all walks of life for six years and the results and personal transformation testimonies people have shared has been amazing. People have become happier and fulfilled and have got the life they want.”


The leisure centre has a long-standing commitment to support and meet the needs of the local community. From dawn till dark they offer a range of classes and fitness options designed for 12 years to 90+. Sam Bremner, Personal Trainer at Henfield Leisure Centre said “Jenny and I are normal people! We like to drink, eat and have a laugh, but we want to be healthy at the same time. That is why we are best suited to work with people who are stuck and don’t know where to start. Jenny can help you figure out what it is you need to do to become more energised in all areas of your life and how to achieve that. At the leisure centre, we can help you achieve your overall fitness and weight goals. We are highly experienced working with people who don’t exercise, are not interested in exercise or don’t enjoy exercise at all. We offer personal training programmes developed in discussion with you so we can find something you will enjoy and want to come to. And if you are gym shy then Tom Kay is keen to develop some outside training programmes”


Henfield Leisure Centre and Epiphany Life Coaching in Partnership

HIT classes are only 30 minutes.

For a limited time, both life-coaching and Personal Training sessions are hugely discounted in price. Make sure you don’t regret not looking after yourself. Book now to obtain your place.



Cost (up to a set of 3 sessions)

£20 per personal training session (usual cost £30)

£35 per life coaching session when held at the Leisure Centre in the evening (usual cost £75)

£40 per life coaching session when held any time of day or Saturday mornings at Henfield Evangelical Free Church (usual cost £75).


To book life/career/work-life balance coaching contact Jenny Butter.


To book personal training sessions at Henfield Leisure Centre call 01273 494984.


To book a sports massage together with remedial bodywork to treat dysfunctions within the body contact Christina Lyon on 07513 180117.