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Coaching and Training for both private individuals and organisations.

Epiphany Life Coaching clients have come from six continents and all walks of life. They have included companies, charities, and faith-based organisations; leaders to volunteers; youth to retired; vicars to parents; PR directors to clinicians. I enjoy working with people who feel stuck. Both private clients and organisations consistently give excellent feedback.


Recent testimonies:

All give continuous, excellent, exciting feedback. Recent testimonies can be found on the homepage.


Working hard to enhance the lives of people both near and far, Jenny Butter is an Options Coach for Global Connections,  a Member Care Coach for Syzygy, runs retreats at Penhurst Retreat Centre and is working alongside Henfield Leisure Centre, to ‘Keep Henfield Healthy’. See Professional Partnerships page for more information.

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Jenny Butter

Founder, Epiphany Life Coaching

Accredited Senior Coach, Jenny Butter

Jenny Butter is an Accredited Senior Coach and has completed CPD in Career Coaching. Only 1% of coaches in the UK are professionally accredited and of that 1%, just a handful at senior level.


Jenny re-trained to become a coach after living overseas and seeing disillusionment and burnout within the expat community. Stress from work was being taken home and stress from home was being taken into work. As a result, work performance was suffering, and family relationships were breaking down. Wanting to avert this, Jenny uses training and coaching as a preventative and maximising tool. She gets a thrill out of seeing people have an ‘epiphany’ moment.


Before becoming a coach, Jenny worked as a BBC radio producer and reporter. Prior to that, she was a PR professional with the international aid and development agency, World Vision. She has lived in the Seychelles, Sri Lanka and New York, and currently, lives in West Sussex, UK.


It is important that you work with a coach who you trust. Here is a guide by the IAPC&M (leading coaching accreditation body) on what to look for when choosing a coach. A Guide to Choosing Your Coach.


Get where you want to go. Become who you are meant to be.

Life Coaching & Youth Coaching

Teens to retired from any walk of life.

Online or Face to Face.

Career Coaching

Be energised, engaged and fulfilled. Get the right job.

Online or Face to Face.

Business Coaching and Training

Gallup Strengths, Performance, Outplacement.

Online or Face to Face.

Gallup Clifton StrengthsFinder

Coaching and Training for companies, charities, educational institutions and churches.

Online Coaching

Skype or FaceTime. Time zone London, GMT.

Retreat, Course and Workshop Leader

Work-Life Balance, Finding your Purpose, Energised Course.

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